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Synopsis Trailer Characters & Cast Gallery Press Credits Contact
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World Premiere - Fajr International Film Festival - Tehran 2009
Uk Premiere Winner - Best International Feature - London Independent Film Festival2009

Boucher and Mills' direction manages to tread a fine line between comedy and tragedy, providing humour without stupidity and emotion without overt manipulation TIME OUT 2009



Jack & Jill Films Presents

In association with Ipso Facto Films
and Molinare Productions Ltd

A film by Danielle Boucher & David Mills


Pascal Larderet, Josy Corrieri, Boubouche, Alain Bridonneau

  Sound - Gernot Fuhrmann
 Editor - Marie Söderpalm
                        Music - Robert Davidson & Benjamin Burns
          Production design - Eden Honeydew & Danielle Boucher
Director of photography - Carlos Catalan                         
Inspired by - Cacahuete               

Producer - David Mills

Executive producer - Christine Alderson - Ipso Facto Films

Director: Danielle Boucher & David Mills

A film by Danielle Boucher and David Mills

Cast (in order of appearance)
   Henri - Alain Bridonneau
Babeu - Boubouche      
Rosa - Josy Corrieri  
Fabien - Pascal Larderet 
Nurse - Eden Turley    
 Driver - David Turley     
Priest - Rod Boucher    
Lawyer - Alain Bourderon  
Ferry guy - Chris Hobart         

1964 Cast
 Papa - Benjamin Burns
Mother - Danielle Boucher
Henri(Jr) - Dylan Shogren      
Fabien(Jr) - Harry Westgate      
Babeu(Jr) - Aidan Shogren       

Breakfast Room Diners - Vincent Balay, Agnes Balay, Perrine Lochu, Malino, Jean-Pierre, Carlotti

Mourners at Mother’s Funeral Lara Hollebecq, Serge Albert Jacquier, Daniel Rastase, Jean-Pierre Grasset ,Juliana Morel, Perrine Lochu, Nicholas Rowland Wayte, Gillian Ruth Wayte

Bus Driver - David Adams

Production Manager France/England - David Turley
Production Manager ‘1964’/ Additional Shoot - Nathaniel March
Casting Jack and Jill Films
1st Assistant Director - Eleanor Cook, Will Whitney
2nd Assistant Director (France) - Perrine Lochu
3rd Assistant Director (France) - Lara Hollebecq
Script Breakdown - Marta Martinez
Script Consultation - Christopher Hobart
Director of Photography - Carlos Catalan
Camera Assistant / Focus Puller - Emma Dalesman
Camera Assistant Additional Shooting - Edmund Beck
Camera Assistant 1964 - Stuart Waterhouse
Sound Recordist / Boom Operator - Alex Ashcroft (France), Gernot Fuhrmann (UK), Sara Lima (1964)
Production Design - Eden Honeydew, Danielle Boucher
Production Design Assistant - Rosi Gwawr
Costume Designer - Eden Honeydew
Costume and Prop Supervisor - Sharon Turley
Coffin Wrangler - Michael Martin
Gaffer - Björn Bratberg
Best Boy - Joshua Thomson
Key Grip - Emma Dalesman
Dolly Grip - Björn Bratberg
Financial Controller - Rodney Boucher
Production Assistant (France) - Perrine Lochu
Runners - John Clay, Emma Tweddle, Mowgli
Stills Photography - Lara Hollebecq, Björn Bratberg, Harmony B
Drivers - Rod Martin, Jesse Grundy
E.P.K. Cameraman - Chris Hobart, Giant Vision Films
Photographic Still - Greg Conraux
Child Minders - Sara Boniwell, Angelle Warburton, Jane Bizimana, Paul Shogren, Lydia Westgate
Traffic Control - Rod Martin
Location Scout – Durham, England Paul Shogren
Location Scouts - Sete & Valreas, France Josy Corrieri, Pascal Larderet
Catering Manager for France / UK Vivienne Boucher
Catering Assistants - Marie Kirton, Anne Casey, Bernie Mallon, Ann-Cecille Mortamet
Catering ‘1964’ - Rebecca Burns
Catering Assistants ‘1964’ - Sunshine March, Angelle Boucher, Harmony Boucher
Stunt Consultant - Steve Truglia
Aqua Stunt Co-ordinator (1964) - Daniel Warburton
Stunt Driver - Davo Kornflake

Actors performed all their own stunts

Dialect Coach - Camille Seri
Editor Marie - Söderpalm
Sound Editor - Gernot Fuhrmann
Assistant Sound Editors - Mihalis Bourzoukos, Jessica Marlowe,
Dialogue - Atmos and Foley Gernot Fuhrmann
Assistant Dialogue Editor - Christopher Wilson
ADR Supervisor - Gernot Fuhrmann
Subtitles Consultant - Camille Seri
Digital Consultant - Mike Curtis
Composer - Robert Davidson, Benjamin Burns

Entrance - Written by Robert Davidson, Performed by Topology, Courtesy of Serrated Records

Last Speech - Written by Robert Davidson, Performed by Robert Davidson, Courtesy of Serrated Records

Landscape - Written by Robert Davidson, Performed by Topology, Courtesy of Serrated

Bang! - Written by Benjamin Burns Performed by Benjamin Burns

Daddies Shirt - Written by Benjamin Burns, Performed by Jimmy Styles, Courtesy of Jimmy Styles (Globemaster)

Elegy - Written by Robert Davidson, Performed by Deep Blue Orchestra, Courtesy of Deep Blue Orchestra

Lento - Written by Robert Davidson, Performed by Patricia Pollett (viola) and Colin Spiers (piano), Courtesy of Tall Poppies Records

Squaring The Circle - Written by Robert Davidson, Performed by Topology, Courtesy of Serrated

Stoic Rocognition - Written by Benjamin Burns Performed by Benjamin Burns

Remember This - Written by Benjamin Burns, Benjamin Burns and Sallie Campbell

Additional Music by

Home - Written by Josh Thomson, Butterfly Boucher, Rebecca Boucher Burns, and Dale Rankine, Performed by: The Mercy Bell and guest violinist Ros Endersby

Russian Girls And Their Cotton Tails - Written by Timothy Hills, Performed by Jimmy Styles,
Courtesy of Jimmy Styles (Globemaster)

5 Notes / FF5-1 - Written by Full Fathom Five, Performed by FF5 and Topology, Courtesy of Chrysalis Music Publishing

Why Won't You - Written by Dawson Wells, Performed by Dawson Wells

Hiding Place - Written by Josh Thomson, Butterfly Boucher and Rebecca Boucher Burns, Performed by: The Mercy Bell

Untitled 2 - Written by Joshua Thomson, Performed by Joshua Thomson

Perfect Landing - Written by Full Fathom Five, Performed by FF5, Courtesy of Chrysalis Music Publishing

Between Stations - Written by John Babbage and Ian Thompson, Performed by Topology, Courtesy of Chrysalis Music Publishing

Burial Piano - Written by David Turley, Performed by David Turley

Sound Equipment - Richmond Film Service, National Film and Television School
Camera Equipment - Panavision
Grip - Picture Canning North
Lighting Equipment - Lee Lighting, Cirro Lights

Post-Production Supervisor - Alan Pritt
Senior Colourist - Tim Waller
Senior DI Technician - Andy Richards
DI Technician - Steve Knight
On-line Editor - Gareth Parry
Dubbing Mixer - Scott Jones
Assistant Dubbing Mixer - Stephano Marchetti
VFX Producer - Shanaullah Umerji
VFX Supervisor - Simon Kilroe
VFX Artists - Anthony Webb, Lewis Saunders

Sound Post-Production - Audio Tactics

Special Thanks to:
Richmondshire District Council, Darlington Council, Richmond Police, Port of Tyne Authority, Fjordline Ferries, Leake Church, Hamsteels Bed and Breakfast, Lee Lighting, Tim Robson, Le Chateau de Rocher, Champion Supermarche, Co-Operative Funeral Service, Abbey Mead House, Anthony Maeva, Domaine Minielle, Ms & Mm Bonnefoy, Rousset les Vignes Cimetière, Martin Eastall, Serge and Collette Jacquier, Debbie Barnes, Premier Travel Inn, St. Mary’s R.C Stockton-on-Tees, HD for Indies, Ann Eason, Ann’s Pantry, Judy Quinn, Rowley Farm, M&D Travel, Little Stainton Residents, Sue Mills, Tim Willis, National Film and Television School, Michael Walton, Mila Szuta, Lydia Zimmermann, Ebony, Talia, Saphine, Tobias and Haddie Mills

Shot on Location in:
Sete - France, Valréas - France, Teesside - UK, Richmond River -Durham, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

A Jack and Jill Film
Written and Directed by David Mills and Danielle Boucher

Producer David Mills

In association with Ipso Facto Films
Executive Producer Christine Alderson
Associate Producer Hayley Manning
Production Assistant Ed Barratt

Co-Produced by Molinare Productions Ltd
Mark Foligno, Steve Milne, Deepak Sikka

Financed by Bedlam Oz

with the assistance of Northern Film and Media

All rights reserved

Copyright Jack & Jill Films 2008

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