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World Premiere - Fajr International Film Festival - Tehran 2009
Uk Premiere Winner - Best International Feature - London Independent Film Festival2009

Boucher and Mills' direction manages to tread a fine line between comedy and tragedy, providing humour without stupidity and emotion without overt manipulation TIME OUT 2009




Danielle Boucher (Writer/Director/Actor)

Eldest of 7 girls in a family of musicians, dancers, performers and artists. Started full-time as an Actor at age 15 and never considered getting a day job. In 1995 she co- founded Bedlam Oz, creating highly visual, non-verbal theatre for over 10 years before diving into her first feature film.

Danielle Boucher

David Mills (Producer/Writer/Director)

David  finished his law degree in 1987, left for a year-long theatrical tour of Australia, and forgot to come back. For a decade he has directed international theatre company Bedlam Oz. The Burial is his 1st feature film.

David Mills

Danielle Boucher and David Mills began their creative partnership in 1987. For 6 years they toured Australia creating numerous projects in theatre, music, public art and film. In 1995 they relocated to UK and established international theatre company Bedlam Oz.

‘Tribe’ garnered 4-star reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Since 1996, Bedlam Oz has performed in over 35 countries on 5 continents transcending international language barriers with their physical visual theatre.

"undisputed highlight of the weekend" (Glastonbury) - Timeout (UK)
"very touching and skilled" - De Gelderlander (Holland)

"strangely wonderful, wonderfully strange,"  - The Scotsman (Scotland)

A scattered history in making music videos, shorts and documentaries, mixed with a visual storytelling palette built up through 20 years of Visual Art, installations and non-verbal Theatre led them to their latest venture - Jack and Jill films.

In 2005, they co-wrote their 1st feature - a black comedy road trip called The Burial. Just weeks before principal photography the key investor and production company dropped out of the project.

Crew/cast/locations were in place in France and England. Pooling their experience, they surrounded themselves with an almost entirely European crew, bought a vintage hearse on Ebay and jumped. The shoot spread over 55 days during 2006.

In 2007 the unfinished work was presented to Christine Alderson – Ipso Facto Films. Christine raised the finance to complete the film at Molinare and brokered a deal with international sales agent Moviehouse. The Burial will make it’s market debut at 2008 Cannes Film Festival.

Jack and Jill Films’ next project ‘Model Girlfriend’ – a documentary thriller set in Parisian fashion world, has reached the 1st draft stage.

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